Nov 14

How Smoking Affects Your Hormones

A side effect of smoking you may not have considered is the effect on the hormone estrogen. Women are familiar with this but males also require a small amount to enjoy good health.

Nicotine and the combination of the thousands of toxic chemicals in a burning cigarette can reduce or completely cancel the effect of orally administered oestrogens.

This can increase hot flushes and raise LDL cholesterol and therefore make worse the symptoms of menopause.

For men smoking is a sure way to drastically impact your sex life. Nicotine is considered an anti Viagra compound. It lowers nitric oxide which is important to increase blood flow in the penis and constricts blood vessels.

Smoking raises LDL which is considered the bad cholesterol. Cholesterol is a hormone like compound found in every cell in the body and is instrumental in the production of testosterone, estrogen, DHEA and progesterone.

We need cholesterol but if the LDL is to high relative to the HDL and your insulin is high because of too much sugar then the flow on effect is increased inflammation and hormone disruption.

All of these hormones are produced in the adrenal glands and smoking stresses the adrenals affecting all the other hormones in this group.

Many smokers believe that smoking will relieve stress but the opposite is what happens. After a brief period of relaxation your body produces excessive cortisol which is a stress hormone.

Smoking causes your adrenals to secrete more cortisol which is the main stress hormone This makes you feel stressed and anxious.

Over time this increased stress affects the HPA and The HPT. The HPA is the hyperthalmic pituitary adrenal access and impacts all hormones produced in the adrenals such as DHEA, which is your live long and feel good hormone.

The HPT is the hyperthalic pituitary thyroid axis and controls how much thyroid stimulating hormone is produced which controls your levels of thyroid hormone.

The result of smoking on your HPT and HPA is that your hormonal balance is severely affected, which impacts weight loss, sleep and energy just to name a few problems.

This affects your sex life, your energy, your sleep, your capacity to think and that’s just the start.

When cortisol is too high across the day your normal melatonin production will be diminished. Melatonin is your sleep hormone so you need it or you will suffer.

Compounds in cigarettes affect your thyroid, the cyanide in cigarettes inhibits thyroid function and both under active and over active thyroid is made worse by smoking.

One of the main ways we influence our cells is via hormones. They determine if our cells are in a healthy growth phase or in a stressed out protective phase. To be blunt smoking is hard on your cells, and considering you have 50 billion of them you do not want them to under pressure.

The other way we influence our cells is va nutrients in the blood stream. So if your blood is pumping toxic chemicals and dirty oxygen to everyone single one of those 50 billion cells then you are in trouble.

A whole lot of these cells make up organs like your thyroid or adrenals, so here again is the effect that smoking is having on your hormones.

So if you want to make happy hormones, if you want your health to be as good as possible then you have to quit, and the best way to quit is with hypnosis. Fast, effective, low stress and the best way to go.

If you don’t quit you may need a whole raft of hormone medications to try and correct a problem which is being recreated by your habit. The good news is that you can fix this.

Nov 14

The Importance of Gut Feelings In Relation to Toxins and Depression

Ever wondered why people who are depressed eat more? There is a link between what the gut is telling you and your moods, your health, and your brain. It is like the canary in the cave. When something is wrong with any of these systems it is what you feel inside that measures their imbalance. That is why the body is demanding of food, but not just any food. It is searching for that which will return the good feelings and eliminate the toxins.

Yes! Toxins are the greatest enemy out systems have. People who eat to please their taste are not always consuming the right foods. Salt is one of the worst when taken in quantities, as many tend to do. They believe it makes the food taste better. That is a thought that is detrimental to their health. It results in headaches, fatigue, and feelings of depression. Processed Sugar is next to salt as a bad toxin.

Toxins built up and result in many nasty side-effects. Among them are things like bad-breath, an early warning sign that the liver is not coping with the load of removing these things from the body. If you visit the dentist regularly and still experience this condition then do something about it.

Among other symptoms are consistent fatigue, this indicates that your body is working too hard to overcome the poison you are putting into it. One of the worst things here is red meat which is very hard for the body to digest. It works overtime and takes the energy that should be supporting you during the day and even though you sleep well it struggles.

Stubborn weight gain which is hard to understand if you are eating correctly. It may indicate hormonal imbalance and here again we meet that word. This can be due to the chemicals in food, the personal care products one uses, and even the shampoo you apply to your head. It is what we don’t know about these things that do the most damage.

Constipation can result in the build up of toxins because many are removed from the body during bowel expulsions. If this activity is prevented it adds to the problem.

Muscle Aches and Pains is another indicator of bad health. The toxins may be working against your bones and acting like acid around your joints. This results in bone wear where the synovial fluid is using excreted to act like oil when movement of the joints is required.

People experiencing one or more of the above are in a bad way health wise. They need to detox their bodies and get onto healthy, fresh, organic, and raw foods that will aid the removal of the things causing the problem. This will promote weight loss and pick up the body in ways that allow it to right itself.

While the suggestions may be hard to contemplate for those suffering depression and mood swings, the chances are they will feel on top of the world within a week or so of completely adjusting their diets. In the meantime, in my experience things like a green Granny Smith apples, celery, and natural sugars in fruit and vegetables may ease the condition temporarily.

Another great piece of advice is to grow your own vegetables and fruits and pick them immediately before meal preparation. The taste is astounding and the enzymes are still available. People who opt to live in units that have no garden space are doing themselves a great disservice. Not only are they living without the oxygen producing green plants around them but they are inhaling the toxins from other units that likewise can have the same effects.

As modern living leads to more supermarket outlets for purchasing of food people are opting for the easy style of taking prepared meals from the freezer. In some instances, this may be all right occasionally but the long term effect of doing it regularly is as bad as having take-away food. Nothing is safe unless you prepare it yourself from the freshest ingredients.

Diseases of all type are increasing in number compared to a few years ago. Cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis, heart problems, and strokes, are all on the increase. Everyone of them is avoidable when the body is in balance. Even things like aging is counteracted by good health.

Nov 14

Benefits Of Colon Cleansing On Your Body

With additives in the food that we eat, pesticides on our crops, and pollution around us, many may say we live in a toxic age. And sometimes, all that toxic build up may take its toll on the colon, which negatively affects digestion and our health. Whenever your colon is backed up with toxic content, your body becomes sluggish and struggling to perform its day-to-day tasks.

Luckily, the body does an excellent job detoxifying itself frequently; however, some toxins require some help facilitate removal. Helping your system detoxify itself isn’t too hard if you think about it. Eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise are two of the most effective strategies. But, sometimes we are in need of a bit more with regards to toxins, a lot of which can easily store themselves in the colon. Therefore, if you think you will need a colon cleanse, or you just want to check out the idea, don’t put it off. After having a proper colon cleaning you will be able to enjoy the following health advantages:

Increased Energy

Daily your colon is bombarded with toxins, most of us start feeling tired, too exhausted to work and even too tired to cook our own food. This leads to the process of unhealthy meal choices. After cleansing the colon you will feel an inner and outer renewal. Colon cleansing increases your energy because you will be cleaning the old waste from your colon. By removing toxic substances, your body will continue to work better, and you’ll feel better.

Reduction of Constipation

After years of an unhealthy diet, the colon get lined with a plaque-like substance called Mucoid Plaque; this causes constipation and isn’t good for your wellbeing at all. Colon cleansing not merely helps out in removing the junk out of the intestinal walls but also allows the waste to pass off more freely. After colon cleaning the relief is undeniable.

Elimination of Diarrhoea

Putting it simple, diarrhoea is a condition happens due to toxins that may also cause problems for your process of solidifying waste. After the process of cleansing the colon you can be sure this condition will be immensely reduced, allowing bowel movements to be more solid.

Clean Skin

Acne is caused by noxious substances in your body. The toxins hiding in your colon can reach your bloodstream. They’ll then happen to under your skin layer. These toxic substances are trying to escape your body and can do so through your pores. When you clean your colon by colon cleaning, you are getting off these toxic substances, and the effect will be clean skin.

Weight Loss

This is one of the good kept secrets of cleansing the colon. It’s an acknowledged fact that the average individual carries from 5 to 20 pounds of intestinal waste. The absolute most dramatic and immediate aftereffect of a colon detox is just how much lighter you’ll be once all of this is cleaned out of your system. Your colon gets quite clogged from years of eating fatty foods and the only way you can efficiently cleanse the accumulated waste is with help from a pure colon detox product.

Elimination of Bad Breath

Bad breath could be caused by food which is not properly digested. Bad breath is also an indicator of an imbalanced diet. A diet that comprises processed food and not enough fresh vegetables can increase the chances of bad breath. Along with bloating, weight gain, constipation, gas, skin problems, and insomnia, bad breath could be a sign of a parasite disease. Colon cleansing will solve the problem of bad breath by removing the core cause of the situation.

Nov 14

Hurricane Harvey and Floods Inspire Humanity, Compassion, and a New Look at Climate Change

The heroic and unselfish response to catastrophic Hurricane Harvey, which hit Texas on August 25, 2017, continues to inspire people to live in a way that shows compassion for their fellow humans. No matter what one’s religion or upbringing have been, one tends to develop empathy for people who need shelter, food, and other special attention. Humans learn to live compassionately by example, especially when they observe unselfish sacrifices made by others who assist people in need. These are the valuable lessons learned from the devastating scenes amidst the storm, those calls for help that we observe both on the ground and on television. Each heroic contribution made by volunteers opens hearts and minds while developing a degree of moral support for the environmental protection groups. In short, concerned people want to make efforts to make this a better world in which to live by finding out how to safeguard their neighbors.

It was inspirational to see the Navy rescuing citizens of Houston as well as others throughout southeastern Texas. Their heroic, humanitarian efforts were so admirable as they responded adeptly to the needs of people in danger. One helicopter saved seven stranded people and then courageously took off again to look for others trapped by the flood waters. The military acted so bravely during the flood although one naturally hopes they will not have to respond to such devastation again in the future.

Neighbors, journalists, foreigners, and people of all ethnicities and religions lent a hand when spontaneously put to the test. A group of journalists risked their lives to save a senior citizen in his car when he mistakenly drove into a deep stream of water. Rather than ignoring a domestic animal in danger, a group of men saved a dog that had been about to drown in the threatening waters. Nursing homes were evacuated while other vulnerable, hospitalized people were carried out by volunteers. Such courage abounded to accomplish great rescue missions!

People in Texas worked together regardless of race, origin, or nationality during the catastrophic event. It was soothing to know that homeless people were being supplied with shelter, with clothes, and with a place to sleep. Seeing others who do good deeds to help people in need encourages viewers to consider how everyone can assist one another. Although most people are too far away to assist in many humanitarian operations, one might consider living in a way that prevents future occurrences of other catastrophic weather events.

Many do not agree that climate change exists; however, the possibility is worth serious examination so as not to put future generations in harm’s way. Providing a fine and free science education for all young people and taking better care of our planet might prevent future tragedies related to climate. By considering these possibilities, we can make a positive difference, even from afar. Moreover, the time has come to re-examine our priorities. Do we really need a lot of material goods? Are we defined by our possessions? Would it be possible to utilize alternative forms of energy so as not to damage or pollute the environment? We can be heroic if we change our ways so as to protect the environment for future generations. We can be heroic if we accept others as they are and assist them in times of need, much like the first responders did in Texas.

Nov 14

Global Warming Weather Effect – Fact or Fiction?

Arctic Warming & Climate Change = More Dangerous Hurricanes
Global warming weather effect… fact or fiction?

What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic. What does this mean to you? Researchers state that Hurricane Harvey which clobbered the entire state of Texas, is the type of extreme storm that we will see more of in a warming world. Epic rainfall rates and rising sea surges have led to catastrophic damage in the great state of Texas.

Using Models to investigate links between climate change and extreme weather
You never can identify a single cause for killer storms. Extreme events always bring multiple factors together at the same time. There is plenty of debate within the scientific community regarding climate change and extreme weather. But notable to point out is the fact that attribution of extreme weather on global warming is based on using models to attempt to recreate historic weather records.

A weather model, also known as numerical weather prediction, is a complex algorithm run by supercomputers to try to predict future weather. Different models and assumptions give different answers. But many see attribution as a start toward quantifying, for instance, the increased risk of extreme rainfall events along, for example, the Gulf Coast due to Arctic and otherwise global warming.

In other words, climate science will never be able to predict weather without errors, but by identifying the data relevant to our ever-crowded, polluted, windy and rainy planet-it’s up to us to take action and utilize the data to take heed of its insights. Will these extreme weather conditions worsen as the global climate change continues?

To what degree does climate change affect hurricanes?
Is it a little or a lot? The degree of affect climate change has on hurricanes is not settled. People naturally want to know “why” or “how” did a catastrophic storm land in their neighborhood. And if possible, people would like to know if there is anything that they can do to minimize future chances of occurrence.

This debate is not yet settled, but many prominent researchers have theories, which they are not hesitant to share with an inquisitive public. There is room for our knowledge to grow, and for new tools like weather attribution to help us manage future risks. What can be done in the future to address future risks? How does renewable energy impact the negative effects of global warming?

Benefits of Renewable Energy Use
Renewable energy-wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, and biomass-provides substantial benefits for our climate, our health, and our economy. Human activity is overloading our atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other global warming emissions, which trap heat, steadily drive up the planet’s temperature, and create significant and harmful impacts on our health, our environment, and our climate.

Increasing the supply of renewable energy would allow us to replace carbon-intensive energy sources and significantly reduce U.S. global warming emissions, which leads to-among many-negative effects on our environment, such as extreme weather.

Climate change made Hurricane Harvey more dangerous
Its difficult to make a distinct connection between killer hurricanes and global warming, but there is a common school of thought who theorize that there is indeed a direct connection between past killer hurricanes Sandy and Harvey and climate change.

Charles H. Greune, a professor of earth and atmospheric sciences at Cornell University, stated “What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic,” he said in a statement on Wednesday. “Just like Superstorm Sandy, Arctic warming likely played an important role in making Hurricane Harvey such an extreme killer storm.”

Greene took it a step further by identifying how climate change influenced both:

  • the formation of the storm
  • and the path it took

Two storms that resembled one another’s destructive path, Hurricanes Sandy and Harvey, both lingered in a similar way. Instead of veering out over the ocean as do most late-season hurricanes, these storms bee lined for majorly populated urban areas and then stalled, dumping trillions of gallons of water on the areas, resulting in tremendous property damage and loss of life.

Maddie Stone, who holds a Ph.D. in earth and environmental science, said climate change either did or “probably” made Harvey worse.

Factors that Make Hurricanes More Dangerous:
We know that warming sea surface and air temperatures affect storms and produce more extreme precipitation. Indeed, the heaviest downpours in the world have become more extreme.

Global warming factors that may affect hurricanes:

    • Rapidly rising sea levels – The first global warming factor that may make hurricanes more dangerous is rapidly rising sea levels in the sea region’s, for example, of Texas and New Jersey, making the areas more likely to flood.
    • Rising temperatures – The second factor is the rising temperatures in the region which results in more moisture in the atmosphere, bringing more rain to the regions.
    • Global warming may have also contributed to:
      • a deep layer of warm water feeding the hurricane as it intensified near the coast
      • sub-tropical high pressure systems – This phenomena is thought to have possibly stalled extreme hurricanes near the coast with sub-tropical high pressure systems holding a weather system in the middle and causing its route to slow or stall

Kevin Trenberth, a climate scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, thinks Harvey was “a bit more intense, bigger, and longer lasting” than it would have been in the absence of climate change.

The New Norm, Killer Storms?

Many researchers agree that killer storms like Sandy and Harvey are the “new norm” as greenhouse gases increase sea levels, which leads to higher surges, which then leads to increased precipitation.

Hurricane Harvey and its remnants have quickly become one of the worst natural disasters in US history. The unprecedented duration and intensity of the storm has sparked a heated debate about how much climate change is to blame. The short answer is that we don’t really know, yet. But attempting to answer that question will help us to better prepare for the future.

Nov 14

The Truth about Exotic Moths

It’s a natural sight to view, a butterfly playing on top of fields of flowers and weeds, but explore closer … that delightful creature may not be a butterfly at all! Most people do not know that there are certain moths that are just as (or even more) brilliant than butterflies. Both the moth and the butterfly are part of the Lepidoptera insect family and many times when you think you are looking at a butterfly, it is really a moth.

For demonstration, the Madagascan Sunset Moth (Chrysiridia Rhipheus) is one of the most astonishing and elegant members of the Lepidoptera family. This moth is native to Madagascar and is heavily sought after by collectors. whereas these moths are chiefly black, they boast iridescent green, red, blue, copper and yellow markings. except, in contrast with other moths, the colors of the sunset moth are not pigments but otherwise the result of optical interference. Many people mistake them for butterflies in that they fly during the day unlike most moths who are night fliers.

Another moth native to Madagascar is the Comet Moth (Argema mittrei). This moth is clearly amazing; its wings fluctuate from creamy yellow-green to a more neon appearance of green with a intense red tail. It is easy to tell the difference between a male and female Comet Moth; the male has a abundantly longer tale, which can reach up to half a foot in length. Unfortunately, by reason of habitat decline; the Comet Moth is now on the endangered species list.

The Cinnabar Moth (Tyria Jacobaeae) is also a day flier and is broadly mistaken for a butterfly. It is native to Europe and Asia and has brilliant colored red back wings with a black borderline. Its forewings are grey and have a red streak towards the front and two red spots on the outer edges. The Cinnabar Moth has now been introduced to North America to better alleviate the outburst of Ragwort.

The Luna Moth (Actias Luna) is not a day flier like a good amount of exotic moths but is still broadly mistaken for a butterfly. This moth has pale pastel green wings with blatant eye spots on them. It is arguably one of the most elegant moths in North America. Its popularity was highlighted in 1987 when it appeared on a first class United States postage stamp.

While the bulk of people know there are many elegant species of butterflies throughout the world, not as many are conscious of the great beauty of the moth. There are many species of moths that are just as brilliant and beautiful as their relative: the butterfly. So the next time you see a butterfly fluttering by, take a second look, it just might be a moth.

Nov 14

The Muslims in India are Blackmailing The Indian Majority in the Name of Cow Slaughter.

The Muslims are never happy anywhere in the world and more so in Islamic countries. They always find out innovative ways to invent stories of atrocities on them and start destabilizing wherever they are in minority.

Throughout the world Muslims never place country before the religion, it’s always I am Muslim first then I am Indian or Iranian or whatever but for the rest of Indians Its I am Indian first then a Sikh or a Hindu or whatever and this is the underlying worrying part for a diverse nation like us, to have people around us whose loyalty is more for their faith than the country and this is always dangerous. In India in fact they are vetoing Hindu development.

There is a reservation for Muslims in India but the majority of India’s poor committing suicides in Haryana, Punjab, Chhattisgarh are poor Hindus yet being Hindu they receive no reservation. They are not given a chance to seek salvation through visiting Char-Dham at state expenses on the contrary when they attempt with their own hard earned money they are halted at the drop of a hat. It has nowadays become an annual event so there is no hue and cry. Even During extreme emergencies Haz is never delayed and its heavily subsidized.

Haz according to me not at all important as if it is so important according to their faith and if it is accepted that a true Muslim should conduct Haj at least once in his lifetime, then why is it that I never find a mention of any of our great Muslim Nawabs and Rulers from Tipu Sultan the Great, Akbar The greater, Aurangzeb the greatest etc and none of the other great rulers of India has ever conducted Haj. What should be my ideal take on this fact? that they were not Muslims or Haj is not so Important in Islam?

There is a cry of intolerance from the likes of Amir khan and some others but do they realise that if they were to conduct their business from other liberal countries like The Calipahate, Iran, Saudi etc they would be now hiding or dead already.

There is a lot of shout against the beef ban. Now Muslims to destabilise the atmosphere cry that Islam is under threat. In fact as Hindus believe in respecting other’s religious sentiments. This also one major reason for banning cow laughter in India and not for reasons the media and Carnivorous group of men vying for the last blood drop of a cow are putting forward.

In Hades Muhammad the prophet described and advised his followers to not eat beef as it is also referred to as poison by Muhammed Himself. Beef is not a food of Muslims anywhere in the world, nowhere in the Muslim countries beef is a food. Arabs don’t eat it, pathans don’t eat it, Pakistani’s don’t eat it, Turk’s don’t eat it,Iranians don’t eat beef, Iraqis don’t,.

Now which Muslims started eating this in direct disobedience to the Hades? It’s the Muslim Nawabs of Central India who were then ruling a Hindu Majority Kingdom started this custom of eating beef as a symbol of humiliation, control and power over the Hindus. It was akin to showing the majority Hindus his proper place.

To insult the majority Hindus and show brute power they started eating beef, This helped in creating an atmosphere of fear and felicitated their rule. In fact the word ‘Bara-Gost’ generally is referred to Beef was coined in by native resident of Pakistan and as they never ate beef used it in a derogatory parlance to refer to the Mohajirs that went from Central India Thinking Pakistan would be heaven.

Nov 14

Top Educational Tools to Share with your Friends

The world of education is developing rapidly, with lots of new tools developed every week. Discovering the possibilities provided by such tools for a classroom is certainly exciting because they make the process more engaging and fun for both students and teachers.

In this article, we have gathered ten best educational tools that you can share with your friends who are involved in education to make their activities more advanced and exciting.

1. Wolfram Alpha

Description: It is an advanced online encyclopedia that works just like Google but instead of providing sites with information, it automatically generates all essential data. For example, if you type “Venus” and hit enter, Wolfram Alpha will generate all characteristics of the planet, missions and flybys, position in the solar system, images, and lots more. All knowledge is thus greatly systemized.

Who would benefit from it: teachers, K-12 students and college students regardless of courses. However, it could be used for all levels of research.

Advantages: it makes advanced knowledge accessible and computable and provides visual representations.

2. Desmos

Description: if you’re looking for a great math tool to share with your friends, you have just found it. Desmos is an advanced math online platform that calculates and graphs functions and has digital activities for math class. It also allows to create your own math activities!

Who would benefit from it: Any student and teacher who learns/teaches math.

Advantages: Desmos is a completely free tool that provides advanced possibilities for math class. By using it, one can make math fun, accessible, and interactive.

3. Kahoot!

Description: this is one of the most popular tools for creating quizzes and questionnaires for any possible subject. Lots of various functions to select from, Kahoot can make learning fun and engaging because it is designed to promote friendly competition in the classroom. For example, two groups of students can be created to use Kahoot to tests their knowledge of history.

Who would benefit from it: Teachers and students of all ages.

Advantages: the tool is designed to run on a variety of devices and has a lot of visual aids. Moreover, it brings a lot of fun and allows teachers to get an in-depth analysis of student performance. Already, there are around 30 million unique users of this tool.

Nov 14

12 Principles for a Successful Career in Engineering

There are some lessons that a young engineer cannot learn even in the top applied science engineering colleges in UP and other states. Some lessons come by way of experience and there is definitely no mathematical model that could invite success. There are however, some insights, which experts have come to validate knowing well that they can improve the chances of success. Experts believe these twelve principles when consistently practised can give a promising engineering career.

Orienting Oneself to Business

Young engineers need to quickly learn how the organization or company operates, what costs are affecting its decisions, and the macroeconomics of the place. They should look closely at the numbers including the benefits, salaries, and overhead costs and how much the company is investing in them. That way they can work within a budget and stick to time frames. This is one of the most important ways that a company prospers, which contributes to a young professional’s growth.

Be Open to Multi-disciplinary Problems

Even though the top applied science engineering colleges in India offer a comprehensive and consolidated education, learning on the job is important. Young professionals should expect to face multi-disciplinary problems, which are outside the technical knowledge they have. It is therefore, required of them to quickly learn the fundamentals of different specialities to improve upon research, design, and analysis. They should however understand that this could also have an impact on the overhead costs. Young engineers should try to find how the company’s customers define quality and value and work towards achieving these standards.

Be Team Oriented

This is one of the most important principles that young professionals should keep in mind. Although academic pursuit can be solitary, working is an altogether different ball game. They should learn quickly to work in groups and have a conflict resolution approach. In addition, it is required of young engineers to work with different disciplines, collaborating on important projects. Networking and communication skills remain an expertise that they cannot do without.

Developing Holistic Understanding

There is a lot of different between a university setting and an industry setting. The rules that apply within academia are different from that within the industry. Young professionals should quickly learn about the different conditions of employment and follow them.

Giving Your Best

Young professionals should work hard to know what their strengths and weaknesses are. They should try to constantly audit themselves and work on fixing their weaknesses. It is these professionals who end up delivering consistent results, bring people together to meet goals, and take the industry forward.

Knowing Your Work Culture

It is essential for professionals to learn about the work culture, what values are desired, and what approaches are respected. If embraced early on, they can help a professional to reach great heights.

Accepting New Ideas

Without staying open to new trends and ideas, professionals cannot go well beyond in their career. They should be ready to accept the ideas which are right and reject the ones which do not work well.

Putting Integrity as Priority

Integrity is one of the most important principles required in any industry and throughout one’s career. Whatever they are working upon, be it design or analysis, young professionals must understand that everything has environmental, social, and economic risks involved. As the key principle, young engineers should resort to maintaining integrity and avoid practices which cause harm.

Making Your Superior a Success

It is likely that young professionals find their superiors intimidating given the power they have over them. But it is not only about promotion, appraisals, and better projects. Young engineers should understand that their success contributes to the success of their superiors. Antagonism in this case could prove devastating for everyone.

Giving Back

No matter where one has learned, professionals owe much of their success to their universities and professors. This is one reason why they should always try to stay connected with their alma mater, and give back what they can. This is a valuable contribution that successful professionals all around the world have been known to make.

Taking Charge

Young professionals will have to learn to carve their own paths. No one else has the responsibility to do so. They should try to accept diverse assignments and projects, learn from conferences and training programs, and keep themselves updated.

Nov 14

Alternative Energy Sources

At the beginning of the twentieth century the world has suffered from the exploitation of natural resources and air pollution and soil degradation. Oil, for example, has been a source of energy, and extracted continuously so that their wells have begun to run low, less than 100 years after the beginning of their effective use. Coal is a resource even older, is also considered esgotável. Nuclear power, just as is the warning about the danger of radioactive waste. The use of traditional sources traces its history to the decline, not only for his character, but that is a threat to the environment.

We call an alternative source of energy in ecology is to gain a growing area, the sources that call the alternative, which does not affect the nature, and are renewable, and is why they are perennials, there are several types of sources for example, is renewable energy, including solar energy is the solar panels, photovoltaic cells and wind is the wind turbine and a windmill, water and hydro power is the wheel, water turbine and biomass is a matter of plant origin.

Brazil has shown in international fora, that it intends to improve the use of renewable energy and diversify sources of power generation, with this commitment, it reduces the risk of further water shortages, which often leads to crisis situations and rationing.

Many see the generation of renewable energy as an isolated initiative, unable to meet the demand of a large continental country. With the use of alternative energy is not immediately necessary to abandon traditional resources. Already in Germany, for example, showed that the use of renewable sources can be useful to the state, and for the people and the environment. Germany accounts for around one third of all wind power installed worldwide. This represents half of the energy generated in the entire investment German deployment allows the use of fuel from plants, or biomass. It is virtually inexhaustible source of solar energy that can be used to produce electricity through solar panels and photovoltaic cells. Countries that the amount of sunlight is abundant throughout the year, which encourage the use of resources. There are two main issues in the use of passive and active solar energy.

The active ingredient is based on the method of transforming sunlight into other forms of energy: heat or electricity, while the passive is used to heat buildings or buildings through design and construction strategies. This application is most common in the cold in Europe, where demand for heating options. Photovoltaic panels, but the most promising source of renewable energy, because their main advantage is the almost total absence of pollution. The main limitation of photovoltaic devices is their low income level, because the other drawback is the cost of producing groups that are high due to the limited availability of semiconductor materials.